Often, the center of the town may come to resemble its surroundings...

From him to himself, at the same time introspective and open to the other. From your head to him and from him towards you. Look, confront yourself with your own solitude, make the decision to make this personal trip and transcribe it to the track. MiraT, an injunction when looking without self-complacency but also without pride, with humor and self-mockery. In a constant search for balance, swinging, turning, dancing. On the track, a man and a great balance. Playing with weights and balances, start a journey in constant search for the limits of balance. This trip is as physical as inside. It is a look and also exposure to the eyes of others. Look for one's solitude and transcend it exposing it in the middle of the track. A symbolic journey in which each of us can be recognized, a reflection on what it means to make an important decision, a decision that can change your life. Some leave their place of origin to venture into unknown lands, others refuge hiding from society. Beings drifting, in search of a place they can do, people filled with fear and hope, resignation and enthusiasm. Each one with its inner balance that oscillates between one feeling and the other.

Artistic Record

Idea, creation and interpretation: Jordi Panareda - Circ Pànic / Direction: Piero Steiner and Stéphanie Coppé / Advice on movement: Lali Ayguadé / Composition and interpretation: Sasha Agranov / Musical interpretation (substitut): Carlos / Musical advice: Sasha Agranov / Gràfica : Roberto Paparcone / Creation and construction of scenography: Jordi Panareda