The man who lost the buttons

Often, the center of the town may come to resemble its surroundings..

As when a baker asks us if we want the loaf of bread more or less toast and we answer: "one of each". Jordi Panareda presents a show of personal improvement. From the consciousness of the unique man before the universe, the one who approaches with his fears and his pains, the one who confronts them with courage, the one who is capable of turning (and sometimes being involved or becoming the axis of the turns that circumstances give us). You can see the man who carries his weight on him, the existence, the echoes of everyday life, the mistakes, the accidents and the dignity of each new step. Who navigates through the elements, chasing the mast, seeing himself captured or trapped in it, until he seduces or tames it, in a reflective symbol of seeing oneself also tamed and educated by life. There is not a moment left to rediscover the child, the purity sought by the man who, after a thousand shipwrecks and battles, already recognizes the valuable perfume of innocence. I then, finally, an approach to the company, to the absolute recognition that we are very little if we can not share. The work exhibits great circus technique, bordering the street performance, inviting emotion and reflection. A fantastic and honest rua of sincerities that will surely make a dent in all the sensitive souls..

Technical requirements

10m x10m plane underground (can be any material: grass, stone, wood,etc.) Mantling: 3 hours. Dismantling: 1,5 hours 2 persons from the festival to unpack and pack.Acces by van at the performance area.Staff to organize the audience. In the summer dressing room with shower is possible.Electrical outlet: 16 AMP (monophasic, Schuko output). Sound: we bring our own sound installation.Lightning: If the show takes place after 20.00 in the evening, we need the festival to provide 3 tours with 4 PAR of each 1000 watt.